The Application

The jSBP is meant to be a Java based modular business packet. Under the term "business" I mean that this package should be helpful in an every-day-life of small- to midsize business during the work such as order tracking, stock on hand tracking, sales, customer relations etc.

The jSBP should address both, the BL (business logic) and help the UI segments of the problem. Currently, the focus is on headless and j2ee-needless but enterprise capable Core engine and BL layer. Thanx to Spring Framework, the current build is capable to run in client JVM but also as a part of some J2EE app server. It is scalable and can be well fitted. Our plan is to use this engine in a single user desktop GUI app and also as a middle tier in some app server.

This software has a goal to be modular and configurable as much is possible.

The package should address the following goals:

  • First of first, KISS, keep it simple stupid (this is the goal both in the resulting app as in the coding/developing it).
  • "Do not reinvent the wheel", so we would build on top of Spring and Spring Rich Client using their propagated methods and "philosophy".
  • Keep the business processess as integrated as possible but components as loosely coupled as possible too.
  • Uniformize and make the application suite cross platform (DORA[!], not WORA).
  • ... more goals to follow.